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Original Nonespot books that empower kids and adults to think deeper about their existence and purpose.

Catch Me, I'm a Dream
(Children - Ages 3-7)

Catch Me, I’m a Dream is a positive and inspiring picture book introducing children to the many types of things they can aspire to become. Follow five dynamic kids and learn about life purposes, careers, character traits, and positive affirmations. This book includes “Thoughts for Little Thinkers” Extra learning opportunities at the end to further explore the book’s content and ideas.

“A sweetly illustrated picture book with a strong message of ‘be all you can be’.”  – The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Everything, You
(Children - Ages 4-10)

Experience this poetic story of Everything, from the beginning of our world all the way to You. In 40 beautifully illustrated pages, this book for little thinkers covers a wide range of ideas relating to history, science, nature, existence, and more. Birth of our universe, time, planets, Earth and life, humankind, and the reader’s special place in all of it. 

This rare picture book experience expands the minds of children and their grown-ups, and includes extra learning opportunities and ideas at the end of the story.

Tierra and Polaris (Children - Ages 4-8)

Life Bits: Self-Reflection
(Adult Self-Improvement)

The Life Bits book series offers you bits of life thoughts to challenge your current thinking and create opportunities to grow. With this little book, you will spend the next 28 days reflecting on your life, challenges, and dreams.

Each day will be focused on a single thought-provoking idea. And before bedtime each night, you will discuss with yourself. Or you may choose to experience the entire book in one sitting. Self-reflect at your own pace.

This book is not the end of your journey, but it will get you thinking forward. (Every little bit helps.)

More coming later in 2023!